When life gives you Corona, you make lemon tea.

Text: Bas Vink

Dear fellow blog-reader-hermit,

For the last three weeks, I have been thinking about an optimistic way of looking at the whole media spectacle around Corona. For me, nothing really changes, because I am already living under a stone, and I don’t care that people panic and buy out the supermarket. I have food enough, can live one week on one pack of rice, and spring is already coming. Which means fresh home-grown fruits and vegetables!

But currently, I am working at a high school and I tend to get really cynical about the whole Corona hassle. It is almost the only thing that students and teachers talk about besides their studies.

I can get pessimistic and buy toilet paper for the next decade, so I can be sure that I will not run out of toilet paper. I can be optimistic: not change my behavior and if I and all the supermarkets run out of toilet paper, I can wipe my ass with leaves when shit hits the fan. Because pessimism is for losers.

The current media landscape is shifting from text, to images on social media. (Preferably cynical memes that hate on RIVM for no good reason).

Because words trigger you to think. Images primarily trigger an emotional response (like two Australian women fighting over toilet paper).

You see videos of Italians standing in line for a supermarket with masks on, and your monkey brain immediately gets you into panic mode. You shit yourself and think you are going to starve to death.

The whole shift in media consumption that has been going on for this millennium: shifting from text to images, might be a bigger disaster than the whole Corona ‘crisis’.

CoverPhoto by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

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