E-Bike Bitchez

As an industrial designer you have two options: either make a career, or leave everything you love behind to live in an off-the-grid tiny house.

To pursue the first option, you are of course looking for additional challenges next to your curriculum. Many students look for this in a student team, where they end up among a group of sweaty technicians. Those are people who misinterpret the noble profession of industrial design: you get treated as a poster designer or general PR fool. In student teams, thoroughbred designers are degraded to coffee ladies or are used to apply for extra funding, because the team is so ‘diverse’.

We, two young, simple guys, didn’t let this happen to us. As an industrial designer you stand at the cradle of innovation and that brings with it responsibility. Responsibility to renew, rediscover and create. So that’s what we started doing.

These creative, young, masterminds electrify with too little knowledge, money or resources, an old motorcycle into an E-bike that frightens Musk.
Where a Team Storm makes an electric motorcycle out of plastic that is held together by logo stickers, we look for the essence of the e-bike. What does it mean to be a motorbike? And how do you translate that into a physical object? Where does riding stop and dreaming begin?

In such a quest you will come across much more than what you are looking for. As Ghandi said: “A wheel is round so that it can roll, but without good bearings you have to check whether that is due to how you lubricated it. Because an O-ring chain has small O-rings between the links and rollers of the links and this keeps lubricants stay better in place and keeps street dirt out of the chain. “

We apply this learning not only to our motorcycle, but also to ourselves.
While tinkering with the motorcycle, we learned that it is about creativity more than knowledge, and love more than lubricants.
Because where a spanner number 13 ends, your relationship with each other begins.

In the process of converting a boring motorcycle into an electric cafe racer, we often ran into ourselves and into each other. You get into a fight. You reinvent each other. Your plans change and you run out of PUR foam. But in the end you always get back together. That leads to creative excesses. In addition to motorcycles, we made music, we created videos and beautiful photos. But in the end it’s all about the merchandise. Pre-order now by sliding into our instagram DM’s (@ebikebitchez).

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