A day in the life as a Lucid board member (winter edition)

Life as a Lucid board member, how does that feel? Well I will tell you in this exiting blog what life is REALLY like.
It starts with the surprisingly loud alarm you had to set the night before. The sound of it seemingly familiar to that annoying feeling of having to crawl out of your bed. But before you decide to do that, a little procrastination is done by snoozing it 5 or 6 times. Finally reaching the moment that you have to get your shit together and sprint to your bike, because you snoozed your alarm too many times.
You go outside and hop on your bike, greeted by incredibly freezing darkness.
Once you have gotten your body to work and push the pedals of you bike forward, you start regretting last night. Cursing that you took that one drink that pushed you over the edge and made you stay till 02:00 on stratums eind. Where you let yourself go in the RGB disco to forget all about the physics exam, you probably failed by far. To even further forget about all the useless hours you spend on it, you decide to take some shots with fellow Lucid members. Together drinking the night and the day before away until only drunk happiness in de Oude Rechtbank remains.
Head still pounding, hands still freezing and the ambience still very dark with no sunlight, your body is experiencing great difficulty to push you over the hill after the tunnel. After finally reaching this first obstacle of the day, you see the red TU/e sign flickering on top of vertigo to your right. You look on your watch, 8:55. YES, on uni before 9:00. Just in time to open Lucid for the amazing Lucid members.
After pushing the doors open of the memberspace and turning the lights on, you turn to the big exhausting horror of the day, the coffeemachine. It’s dragging you down to the memberspace day after day, demanding attention ALL THE DAMN TIME. Its relationship with you is doubtly profitable. It can be compared to that of a whining boy or girl friend, demanding attention, never giving back and never being satisfied. But you decide to turn the coffeemachine on anyway, because it is giving the members pleasure, joy and the energy and motivation it takes to get to their first class in the morning. Filling it up with the white, brown and black drugs that is called coffee and cacao.
You also put on some relaxing music that stresses down the members for their DemoDay, to tell them it’s okay, everyone’s prototype fails sometimes.
Now that you have prepped the memberspace for the members, you go upstairs to the Lucid Boardroom. Luckily you are not alone, because another boardmember should be waiting there for you. You share the stories of regret the night before, whine over the coffeemachine destroying your life and laugh it all off with the slightly drunk vibe your feeling.
Your day finally starts, for me it is all about the money managing and accounting, but I will not include that in this blog, it is not as entertaining as talking about you guys, the members. Because man, sometimes you fuck up big time. Delivering a budget or a newsletter item too late, leading to the extra kilo of stress for a boardmember. Not even correct with the item you send. But excluding that from the story, you also do a ton of work for Lucid. Everyday our agenda is filled with boardmember tasks and also a bunch of committee meetings. These meetings excite us because it is not just another isolated hour behind your laptop in the boardroom. No, it is meeting the members and talk about their creative plans for an event. Listening to their motivation and effort put into the thoughts of an idea for the event. The happiness and reward it gives the members after pitching an idea in the group. It makes us excited as well.
Unfortunately, after having a nice committee meeting you are scheduled for the LuciDesk. From 12:30 to 17:00. Let me just say this in Niek style, RIPPALONIE. As fun as you members seem to be, working behind the LuciDesk is IMPOSSIBLE. When you think you have finally opened the LuciDesk and gotten yourself together, break begins and 30 first years storm into the memberspace. Forming a long ass line in front of the coffee machine and overwhelming you with questions. Nearly making you run to the toilet because your hangover is turning back up. People constantly bothering you about the drip tray (lekbak) of the horror machine being full. Or the annoying lights flickering in the bar. Barely surviving the break, the peace returns with people heading off to lecture. You can finally breathe and sit your ass down on the green chair behind the LuciDesk. Starting with the list of 20498408250487 to-do’s of today. 10 mins in deep concentration mode, a member starts talking to you. You have to stop with what you’re doing and immediately catch up to the past 2 mins of their story. While you try to listen, you start worrying about the name of the member. Who is this person again? What year is he or she in? What’s his or hers name? Shit, umm you where that guy, the dude from that one Lucid event. Trying to hide your high level of name-remembering stress you nod and try to look very interested in their story. Thinking of blaming me for not remembering all the 1000 member names? Well first of all, I am VERY shitty with names. Secondly, it’s a LOT of names.
The solution to the name problem? Simple, if they subscribe for an event, just ask, what is your last name again? Because everyone forgives you for not remembering their last name, unlike their first name.
At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, your LuciDesk shift finally ends. You can crawl home to your bed, to sleep your hangover off and begin your weekend. But before you do that, you decide to have some moments with your board, since you have to miss them for two whole days. Which is very hard considering you spend almost of your time with them and you love them very very much.
After this realistic sketch of a Friday in the life of a Lucid board member, a question might pop into your head. Why the hell would you ever become a board member of Lucid? So dear reader, let me tell you the reasons why. First of all, Lucid is our passion our heart and now for a year our baby. We get to make plans to see it grow, get to make a vision on how it should, for a year. We get to give back what Lucid gave to us all these previous years. Because for me, Lucid is a haven. When I first arrived at uni, I was this scared first year that didn’t dare to ask questions to a board member. But Lucid provided a space where I could be myself and nobody judged me. It gave me friends better than I could ever wish for and helped me grow into the person that I am today. By being a board member, I cannot only develop my professional side and other useful skills, but I can also help others to grow into the person they want to become. Plus I get to work behind the LuciDesk, the place where Lucid members brighten up my day. After this story you might think that we don’t like you telling stories at the LuciDesk, but it’s the opposite. Those 10 minutes you tell a story to us, distracts us for a second and helps us relax. It turns a smile upon our face and lets us wander off from needing to finish an impossible to do list.
By being a board member I also get the opportunity to help soften the pain of an totally messed up mid-term Demo Day. The opportunity to put smiles on people’s faces when they hear they can organize their own trip to Sweden. Moments they let themselves go during a drop at Liquid Lucid. Because in the end of the day, that is why we drag our asses to Lucid every day. It is why we decide to put ourselves through a torturing hangover at 8:00 in the morning. Why we once again take on an already lost fight with the coffee machine. Why we keep trying to remember more and more names. It’s why we decide to continue our efforts even though we might be tired as fuck. It’s what makes us happy, satisfied and proud. So cheers to many more months of LucidLove and some chocolate in between.

Lots of LucidLove,

Your lovely treasurer

PS: Interested in becoming a board member? Join the info lunch!
PPS: Any chocolate or fun stories? I am at the LuciDesk every Monday from 12:30 to 17:00.