DDW Vitality Squad

By: Bas Vink

Students of the Vitality Squad have been working on the innovative ways to change behavior to provoke a healthier lifestyle. The solutions focus on motivation to exercise, running-injury prevention and vitality in the office. On Friday the 25th of October, students had a chance to pitch their interim results in the Brabant LivingLab at Stijp-S during DDW.

Various innovative concepts were pitched. Some students had a concept that stimulate co-responsibility in the household to exercise. Would you like an artistic clock that will fall apart if somebody in the family doesn’t do a chore or didn’t exercise? Another student came up with small cushion to measure stress of a patient going through MRI. There are also projects to increase the motivation to run. Imagine that while you run you work on an art piece in your house using GPS. That is a way of motivating you to run right? Another project is about an armband that makes you slow down if you tun too fast, to prevent injury. It’s a strap that tightens when the risk of overloading is high.

In addition to sports, innovations were also shown about vitality in a broader way. Would you like to take the stairs more often if the route to the staircase lights up? Or a ball that changes color if you have to change partners during a walking meeting? Or how about a walking meeting indoors or outdoors? That is different because you are used to having a meeting in a meeting right? In such a dynamic meeting you walk a chosen route that can light up and you walk and present from screen to screen. That is designed at the Vitality Squad!

Critical questions were asked from the audience: “Why did you adjust the design during the process?”, “How do you measure that?”, “Are you really targeting the target group?”

Every pitch had a loud applause. The students are going to work hard with the feedback they received. Prototypes will be tested and further developed in the coming weeks. The end products will be displayed at the TU/e on the 20th of December. If you want to be there then send an email to the following address: communicatie@sportsandtechnology.com.

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